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Last modified: 12:40 pm on October 17, 2011           Article: 3-34

We need your help! We are seeking some beta testers for our Windows- and Mac-based screensavers, which stream live Concerto content from the RPI network. While we intend to launch the screensavers in Fall 2009, we are looking for some help during the month of August. If this interests you, read on (and thank you!).

First...A Word About Linux

We don't yet have a Linux screensaver, but we have some ideas floating around for how we might do it and fully intend to support Linux soon.  Sorry, Tux fans.  We'll make it up to you shortly, I hope.

The Windows Screensaver

The Windows screensaver may be downloaded from  The source code is available at



  • Internet connectivity (for initial run)
  • Microsoft Windows XP or greater
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework or higher



Internet connectivity is only required for first pulling all of the Concerto messages, and subsequent launches of the screensaver may be offline.  Data is cached locally in %APPDATA%/Local/Concerto.


Running the Windows Screensaver

Download and run the MSI to install the Concerto Screensaver for Windows.  Once you finish the installer, right-click on your desktop and go to “Properties,” then click on the “Screen Saver” tab.  Click the “Configure” button to enter a dialog box that allows you to select which content feeds you wish to include in what is displayed by the screensaver.  Select the feeds by holding down CTRL and single-clicking feed names to highlight them, then click the “Save” button.  Close the dialog box, and click the “Preview” button to initiate the screen saver.


Windows Bug Reports

If you run into a bug (does not start, does not work properly, crashes, etc.), please send us an email at  Make the subject line “Win SS Bug Report” and include the following details:

  • Your Operating System and Service Pack (i.e. ‘Windows XP SP3’)
  • The version of .NET installed (please open the Control Panel, go to Add/Remove Programs, and find what is listed in the dialog for .NET, such as “Microsoft .NET 3.5”)
  • A brief description of what happened (“It crashed when I tried to Preview the screensaver”; “My computer froze!”; “The dialog box never came up when I clicked Configure in the Screen Saver and Desktop dialog box”; etc.)

The Mac Screensaver

The Concerto Screensaver for Mac uses the Leopard photo visualization that is built into OS X 10.5.  All you need to do is download the DMG installer at  



  • MAC OS X Leopard (10.5.0 or above)
  • Internet connectivity (for initial run)


Running the Mac Screensaver

Download and run the DMG installer; this will install the screensaver configuration files with the Service & Community feed (other feeds will be selectable in the future).  Once installed, the screensaver will be available by accessing System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver.  Under the ‘Pictures’ category listed in the tree menu to the left of the settings panel will be an item for “MobileMe and RSS” or something like that.  Highlight the option to select this as your default screensaver, and click on the Options button to the right of the panel to confirm that the ‘Service & Community’ feed is checked.


Mac Bug Reports

If you run into a bug or have a request for future version of the Mac screensaver, please send us an email at  Make the subject line “Mac SS Bug Report” and include the following details:

  • Your OS X version (click on the Apple icon in the top menubar and select “About This Mac” to find it).
  • A brief description of what happened OR your full comment/question

That's All For Now!

Thanks a whole lot for helping us to test these screensavers.  Your feedback and rigorous testing will help us to have an extremely successful launch in the fall semester!

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