Digital Signage on Google TV

The Fall update to the Google TV brought the Android Market to Google TV devices, allowing developers to write and publish applications for some digital-signage sized screens.  If you’re looking to run some digital signage on your Google TV you’re in luck, you can find a Concerto app in the Market today!

Concerto on the Android Market

Concerto for the Google TV lets you configure and connect to a Concerto server, letting you specify a server URL and customize a MAC address as needed.  If you’re interested in tweaking your server slightly, the device will also pass the current screen width and height as parameters in the initial URL.  If you’re having trouble sizing the screen manually like traditional Concerto v1 screens, you can use these to automatically set the size of the screen so content will render appropriately.

Don’t have a Concerto server but still want to check out a Concerto player?  The app comes pre-configured to connect to automagically connect to a demo server and pull in some dynamic content  keeping the information fresh.

The source code for the application is available on GitHub, and I encourage you to report any issues you run into.

Customize the URL and MAC address for Concerto on the Google TV

14 thoughts on “Digital Signage on Google TV

  1. Hi Brian,

    I cannot find the application on the Android Market, would it be possible to test it on a tablet?

    Best, Valentin

      • Hi,
        I have bought a kogan agora smart TV that is running andriod 2.2. I can’t find a way of upgrading it 3.1 to use the concerto player. Is there anyway around this ? Or does anyone know where I could get a update from 2.2 to 3.1 ?

        Waiting to get this sorted before deploying 15 to 20 screens running concerto

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  3. I have just bought a smart tv box in AUS, but it is only running andriod 2.2. I have no idea on updating it. It is a Kogan Smart TV. What google TV devices would you recommend using.


  4. Let me know can we have any open source code for android digital signage and how to rotate the screes in to vertical ? I am using Android TV box version 4.4

    Looking forward to hear your response


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