Concerto 2.2.2 is released and we have a new frontend on the way

With the release of Concerto 2.2.2, the 2.x series is at a pretty stable place, seeing very few code changes outside of the views, but many stability fixes. Concerto 2′s web interface has been production-usable for some time, but many users are still experiencing difficulties running the screen frontend, particularly on underpowered platforms like the Raspberry Pi, where the memory leaks have been particularly noticeable. To that end, Concerto 2.3 will feature a new frontend, based on Dart, which should significantly reduce the memory issues the frontend has had in the past.

With the release of 2.3, we will also be linking to a new Concerto 2 demo and discontinuing any legacy documentation and support for Concerto 1. Links will be provided to code and documentation archives, but will be a resource exclusively for Concerto 2 deployments.


One thought on “Concerto 2.2.2 is released and we have a new frontend on the way

  1. We are excited to see the v2 demo. We’ve had a concerto 1.x happily chugging along on our campus for a couple years and are very interested in seeing v2 in action.

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