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Last modified: 07:10 pm on Jul 16, 2009

Version 1.6.1 (July 12, 2008)

Moderation Enhancements

Moderators of content feeds can now choose to disapprove content that was previously approved by a moderator of that feed, and can also choose to re-approve content that was previously declined. To view these controls, you must be logged into Concerto as a moderator of a feed. Go to the feed’s Browse Content page, and expand an item’s details in either the feed’s “Active Content” listing or “Expired Content” to see the “Disapprove” link as shown below. Click this link to move the content from its previous listing to “Declined Content.” It will be immediately removed from any active screens subscribed to your feed.

Likewise, the expanded details for each individual piece of content in that feed’s “Declined Content” listing will have a green “Approve” link next to its title. Click this button to immediately make a piece of content active within your feed.

Support Center Feedback Form

One other enhancement in version 1.6.1 is a feedback form that we include on every page within this Support Center. At the bottom of each page is a simple area in which you can select whether or not you found the page useful and provide suggestions for improving the resources offered. We are interested to hear your feedback and will consider any recommendations you provide to us through this form.

Version 1.6 (June 12, 2008)

A Beautiful New Look

We’ve pulled out all the stops for Concerto’s first major face-lift. This latest set of changes brings more efficiency and polish to an already tight package.

Browse Content

The “View Content” tab has been replaced with “Browse Content,” an elegant rethinking of the way you view content in Concerto’s many feeds. Just click the tab and you’ll be greeted with a list of each feed currently active in Concerto, as well as a list of content types contained within this feed (graphics, ticker text, and so forth).

Once you click on a content type, you’ll find the same useful information as before - which group controls the feed, how many items are waiting in the moderation queue, and what pieces of content are contained within the feed. Yet you’ll see some special magic going on here. This page will now show you feed content organized into two views: “Active” and “Expired.” If you moderate the feed being viewed, you can also view content that has been declined during the moderation process. Click the text link headers to switch between these views.

The default view for content in the brand new listing is in collapsed list form, which will show you a mini preview of the item (or an icon for ticker text), the name, start and end dates, and the person who submitted the content to the system. You can click any of these item rows to get an expanded details area, which will show you all the basic information about that content, as well as the duration for which it will remain on screen and a larger preview. For graphical content, you can even click the larger preview to see it in full size!

You can sort by content attributes in this list, which means that you will be able to rearrange the listing alphabetically by name or submitter, and chronologically by start or end date.

New Moderation View

For those of you who have moderation privileges for one or more feeds, a brand new moderation interface awaits. This listing takes the awesome new content listing and expands each item requiring your moderator’s touch. For each item, you can approve or deny it, and you can also change the time duration for which this piece of content will remain on screen as part of your feed every time it appears. You have both power and functionality at the click of the mouse. As with the content listing, you can click the preview of a piece of graphical content to receive a full-size view of it that seamlessly floats over your browser window.

Fairer Weighting Algorithm

Version 1.6 of the Concerto software also incorporates a more sophisticated way of balancing content feeds. This new algorithm also expands the number of weights you can assign to each feed subscribed to a particular field of your screen. With this new change in place, content will be selected by each screen in a way that is more consistent with its weighting scheme.

Updates for April 23, 2008

Concerto has been updated with a few meaningful changes. However, most of them are behind-the-scenes updates, so while you may not see many overt changes, they’re still important!

Custom Pages: Our Support Center Becomes Dynamic

For the first couple weeks of Concerto’s life, we were operating the Support Center with static pages. We’re now out of the Stone Age with a system that allows us to more easily add to and edit the support documentation for Concerto that is on this site, so look forward to tighter help integration and new content soon. While Concerto boasts a zero-training interface, we’re committed to ensuring that our documentation is strong in the future.