The Concerto Trademark Policy governs the use of the Concerto name and logo mark. Read this page to find out more.

Concerto Trademark Usage Policy

Published 7/1/2012

The Concerto Team owns and oversees the trademarks for the Concerto name and logo. The goal of this policy is to make it easy for people in Concerto-related projects or businesses to make reasonable use of our trademarks - for profit if they wish. It is also designed to avoid false claims, misuse, or confusion about Concerto trademarks and their ownership.

The Concerto logo may be used:

  • to refer to any Concerto product or service
  • to indicate potential use or compatibility with other products
  • on any items of merchandise, provided that either no profit is made from the sale or the sale is made by a not-for-profit organization

The Concerto logo may not be used for products or services totally unrelated to Concerto, nor as the primary mark or logo of any organization.

Use of the Concerto Name

The Concerto name may be used:

  • to describe Concerto itself
  • to describe or market any installation or derivative version of Concerto for sale or use
  • to describe or market related products and services
  • to indicate potential use or compatibility with other products
  • to advertise your Concerto product or service, but only when the Concerto name is used secondarily to the name of the company or the related product

The Concerto name may not be used as part of any company or organization name.

The Concerto trademarks of the logo and name are the sole property of the Concerto Team. No other person or organization shall apply for trademark or other exclusive use of these marks. The Concerto Team reserves all rights to the trademarks, including the rights to stop any use which does not comply with this policy and to alter the terms of this policy at any time.

By making any use of these trademarks, you acknowledge the Concerto Team as the sole owners of the trademarks and agree that you will not attempt to assert any rights whatsoever over the marks.

Concerto Press Kit

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Questions about the Policy

For inquiries regarding the Concerto Trademark Policy, please contact the Concerto Team.