Introducing the Concerto Player Live CD

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Last modified: 10:28 pm on Sep 20, 2011

Concerto Player is a live CD which can be used to boot a computer into an operating environment designed with Concerto in mind. Using Concerto Player, it’s not necessary to search the Internet for the correct plugins to run a fullscreen browser, or configure your OS to start it automatically on boot. You simply create a CD image for your Concerto installation, insert the CD in your computers, and boot from the disk.

Download the Live CD ISO

Get the 165 MB ISO

You’ll most likely need to customize the ISO to work with your installation. Then, burn the ISO as a disc image using your favorite CD burning software.

Limitations and Future Work

At this time, Concerto Player has a few shortcomings. While the CD contains drivers for a wide variety of hardware, not all Ethernet cards are supported. Wireless network interfaces are unsupported at this time but will be supported via a plugin in the near future.

Additionally, some video cards may require additional X server configuration to function, and others may require this step to achieve the highest degree of performance. A configuration management plugin is available for this task, but it’s not yet ready for general release. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Install Concerto Player to a Storage Device from the CD

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try installing the client firmware to a hard drive or flash memory device (such as a CompactFlash card, as we did at RPI). See this page for more info. Please note that this method is extremely experimental still, but we are working to provide more support.