Concerto 2 Final Beta Releases

As we’ve moved through the .8 series of releases, we’ve brought Concerto 2 closer and closer to a feature-complete release. With the 0.9 series (the last before Concerto 2.0, strangely enough), and 0.9.0 in particular, we’ve fixed one of the more annoying frontend bugs (the continually refreshing time field) and are trying to work in both a way to disable text resizing and a refresh for the formidable Blue Swoosh template. Depending on the pace of development, some of the trim and polish (such as full internationalization support), may come in some additional .9.x releases, or just after the 2.0 release. is also in the process of being updated to reflect the latest Concerto 2 beta, and an entirely new site is on the way. While a link is provided to Concerto 1 for those still wishing to use it, an upgrade to Concerto 2 is strongly recommended, as v1 has not been maintained actively in many years.