Concerto 2.3.1

Some weeks back, we released Concerto 2.3.0, the first release the feature the new frontend plugin (written using the Polymer framework). This removes the previous javascript frontend code from core Concerto and allows future plugins to provide alternative HTML to displays, perhaps a lightweight version suitable to systems like the Raspberry Pi.

Shortly after releasing 2.3.0, we found a few shortcomings, the biggest being that assets from an upgraded frontend plugin weren’t getting updated (resulting in blank screens) and that some users had their core Concerto version out of step with their content and frontend plugins. After we made a few complex and interdependent changes amongst Concerto and the various core plugins, we decided to go to version 2.3.1 to avoid further issues. In the future we  intend to also disallow the installation of plugins not compatible with older versions of core Concerto.

With the release of 2.3.1, we have fixed the asset updating issue, Github API overage errors, some minor security issues, and a variety of other tweaks. We’ll also be making some basic upgrade instructions available to those running older versions of Concerto in the 2.x series to get up and running with the new frontend. For those running into any issues, please remember to stop by our community mailing list for help –